The course provided an understanding of the issues faced by managers involved in technology marketing. We came away equipped with conceptual frameworks that enable better technology decisions. 


High-technology industries have assumed a central role in the economy, perhaps even becoming its driving force. These markets are characterized by a high degree of innovation, market uncertainty, abrupt technological shifts and increasingly shortening product/technology life cycles. In the face of such tremendous demand and technological uncertainties, managers in high-technology markets need to develop abilities to understand unarticulated customer needs and to be able to forecast the development of nascent markets. A clear understanding of some unique features of these markets, such as network externalities, consumer lock-ins, technological compatibility and standards, strategic alliances and systems competition - are critical in developing successful marketing strategies. This course offered a comprehensive framework - integrating concepts from industrial economics, business policy and R&D/technology strategy - to systematically analyze the strategic considerations underlying the different dimensions of marketing and technology strategies in these industries.

Key topics:

  • Technology adoption strategy

  • Creating product concepts and value propositions - product line, versioning and compatibility.

  • Specialized strategic pricing issues such as usage-based pricing strategies.

  • Management of inter-generational transitions.

  • Issues in emerging technology industries such as bio-tech.




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