This course covered the organizational design challenges, configurations, and approaches necessary to achieve and sustain strategic flexibility and competitive advantage. Through this course I confirmed my innate ability to understand organizational design along with the implications and inefficiencies created by poor organizational structures. On more than one occasion following the completion of the class I joined the professor on consulting visits to provide insights and direction for her clients. 


The course put special emphasis on core concepts, analytic frameworks, and contemporary examples that help bridge the gap between the theoretical models and application tools of the industrial era, and the challenges posed by the emerging digital economy. The course used case studies from both--established companies, attempting to re-position and reinvent themselves in the digital age, as well as emerging companies that are not constrained by their heritage and historical antecedents.

Key Topics:

  • Current organization design models

  • Emerging perspectives

  • Transition challenge

  • Balancing centralization / decentralization

  • Globalization

  • Strategic acquisitions and organizational integration

  • Teamwork

  • Future trends




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