Purposeful Networking - Webinar

An interactive seminar that explores simple yet profound ideas in
professional networking for career advancement, leadership development,
collaboration and business execution.

Professional networking is more important than ever. Yet many people struggle to do it well. This presentation explores the fundamentals of networking from a perspective that makes it easy and natural. We begin with some basic questions: What is a network? What is networking? Isn't networking just for people who are job hunting? And how do you find the time? We answer with some innovative ideas that simplify the process of networking while building powerful personal and professional connections.


In part two we explore the exploding world of social-networking tools to enhance our networking. MySpace and LinkedIn are making room for Facebook and Twitter while blogs and communities continue to expand. How can we leverage these tools to strengthen relationships, manage our careers, and even find a job? We explore how to use online and social-networking tools to extend your network and amplify your networking. With an up-to-date profile, some useful settings and a bit of creativity, services such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can supercharge your professional network.


Following the webinar, we put the ideas into action by sharing brief introductions via email and then reaching out to one another for telephone or face-to-face networking connections.


Heather Hollick has a Masterís Degree in Applied Mathematics from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. She has refined and perfected her networking skills in the face of two international relocations in the last five years, moving first from San Francisco, California to London, England; then to Princeton, New Jersey; and now to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In each place she started with limited contacts but dramatically expanded her personal and professional network through the innovative ideas and tools that she covers in this seminar.


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