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Four Pillars of Productivity

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Productivity is the Holy Grail of every Chief Operating Officer — deliver more with less. While the sales and marketing groups seek to drive top line revenue with increased sales, the operational teams are charged with improving the bottom line through increased productivity. High tech companies often position themselves as the solution. Whether offering sophisticated consulting services or the latest hardware and software, technology companies assert that installing their products or availing yourself of their services will make your company more productive. The gospel of productivity is woven into the marketing message of every company offering goods and services in the technology sector.

But what is productivity?

This article explores the larger context of organizational elements that enable technology to deliver on its promises. Along with technology, organizational structure, process, and culture also play key roles in facilitating technology’s effectiveness. Together we call these “the four pillars of productivity.” When they are in balance the resulting organization is a powerhouse of efficiency that learns and becomes more productive as it grows.



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